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Applying trends like a designer

Are you eager to try one of this year's hottest tile trends, but worried you'll be so over it in a few years? You're not alone. After all, no one makes the cover of Architectural Digest without taking a few risks! But unlike celebrities, we can't afford to replace extravagant tiles the moment they become last season. As designers, we know that being beautiful isn't enough: Good design has to function. So without further ado, these are our professional tips for making Insta-worthy trends work the real world.

Contemplate Color

We are seeing a major resurgence in the popularity of colorful tiles. Cheerful hues like emerald green, yellow ochre, & rosy pink are now being requested regularly, & we love to see it. However, we would urge you to strongly consider how a color will feel within the context of your home before making the commitment. Tile is fairly permanent, & color preference is extremely subjective. Our advice? Trust your intuition. If you are continually drawn to the same color time after time, it's safe to say you'll love it in your home. But if you're smitten with a shade you never noticed until yesterday, there's a good chance that you'll fall out of love with it just as quickly. When in doubt, it's hard to go wrong with soft, muted blues & greens, which are soothing, livable, & fairly timeless.

Restyle a Classic

If we had to guess the next big interior design trend, we would have to say Modern Traditional. Unlike the period-specific Mid-Century Modern style (which we also love), Modern Traditional is a more elegant look that includes both the very-antique & the brand new. This eclectic yet refined style can be found gracing magazine covers & Pinterest pages worldwide. It is a look that is as luxurious as it is comforting, making it suitable for all types of homes. The artful combination of streamlined elements & intricate detailing makes our design-loving hearts happy! Get the look in your own home by juxtaposing traditional tiles, like carrara marble or vintage-inspired ceramics, with ultramodern vanities, mirrors, & lighting.

Pair Patterns

This is a trend we’re borrowing from the fashion industry. There once was a time when we wouldn’t dare mix florals, stripes, & spots, but that rule was destined to be broken. In bathrooms, pairing patterns is a beautiful way to emphasize design elements & create a unique, custom look. Choose a primary statement piece, like an intricate mosaic or bold pattern, & then add a complimentary pattern that repeats one or more elements from the first. Round out the look with a third element that is calming, like a large format tile or a soft texture. Keep the space from feeling chaotic by using patterns that repeat similar motifs on different scales.

Perfect Your Patinas

Lately, a lot of clients are often drawn to patina, which is the designer term for distressed, discolored, or otherwise damaged textures. Think: green copper roofs, wood showing through chipped paint, & threadbare, sun-bleached vintage rugs. Many tile manufacturers have found ways to mimic patina in the factory, so you can get the look without waiting decades. Because it implies heritage & value, incorporating patina into your space is a great way to add richness. But before you get carried away, keep in mind that authenticity is what makes this style appealing. Obviously-fake patinas cheapen the look. Our advice? Choose patinas that look believable within the context of your home, & pair them with actual antiques to corroborate the story.

Did you find these tips helpful? Would you use any of these in an upcoming project? Let us know in the comments below!

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