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Attention to Detail: The perfect subway tile

Are you looking to transform your living spaces with a timeless yet versatile design element? Look no further than subway tiles! These classic tiles, known for their clean lines and enduring appeal, have evolved into various styles, each catering to distinct design aesthetics. In this article, we'll take you on a journey through seven different types of subway tiles and explore the design styles that best suit them.

Basic Subway Tile

The epitome of simplicity and affordability, basic subway tiles feature the iconic high-gloss finish, rectangular proportions, & slightly puffed texture of those found in subway stations. Their straightforward design complements any interior, making them an ideal choice for modern and minimalist spaces. Crisp and clean, they create a bright and airy atmosphere that seamlessly integrates with any color scheme.

Rectified Subway Tile

For those seeking a polished and refined look, rectified subway tiles are the answer. These tiles boast perfectly flat surfaces and straight edges, offering a seamless appearance when installed. The clean lines make them ideal for contemporary and sophisticated designs, where precision and elegance take center stage.

Handmade Subway Tile

Embrace the charm of imperfections with handmade subway tiles. These tiles showcase irregular edges and an undulating surface, adding character and uniqueness to any space. The artisanal touch brings warmth and a sense of craftsmanship to both traditional and eclectic design styles, making them a delightful addition to kitchens, bathrooms, and even accent walls.

High-Variation Subway Tile

If you desire a visually striking and artistic atmosphere, subway tiles with intentionally high variation won't disappoint. With mesmerizing glaze variations and intentional imperfections, these tiles offer a bold and creative expression. Suitable for contemporary and bohemian designs, they infuse energy and personality into your interiors, becoming a captivating focal point.

Rustic Subway Tile

Looking to achieve a weathered and vintage ambiance? Rustic subway tiles, designed to look scuffed, rusted, or distressed, are perfect for achieving an industrial or farmhouse-inspired look. Their rugged appeal pairs well with rustic décor, exposed brick, and reclaimed wood, bringing warmth and nostalgia to your spaces.

Vintage Subway Tile

Step back in time with vintage subway tiles reminiscent of the 1920s. Often seen in pastel colors these charming tiles exude timeless elegance. We frequently see them paired with black & white mosaic flooring and accentuated by borders, liners, and trim pieces. They bring a sense of old-world charm to bathrooms and kitchens, making them a splendid choice for classic and retro-themed interiors.

Three-Dimensional Subway Tile

For a modern twist on the classic subway tile, consider three-dimensional subway tiles. These tiles feature raised patterns or textures, adding depth and dimension to your walls. Their captivating visual appeal makes them ideal for contemporary and avant-garde designs. Whether you choose a geometric pattern or a wave-like texture, three-dimensional subway tiles create a striking and eye-catching feature in your living spaces.

As you can see, subway tiles transcend their traditional appearance to cater to a plethora of design styles. From basic simplicity to vintage charm, these tiles provide endless possibilities to elevate your spaces. Whichever style resonates with your aesthetic vision, rest assured that subway tiles will continue to endure as a beloved design element that stands the test of time. Visit our showroom to explore our wide range of subway tiles and let us help you turn your dream designs into a stunning reality!

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