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2020 Wrapped: A Year in Review

The results are in! Studio Tile & Design is celebrating the end of 2020 by highlighting the tiles you loved & ordered most throughout the year.

Your Favorite Tile of 2020

You probably won’t be too surprised to see that this slightly oversized white glossy subway tile was the bestseller of 2020. You loved it because of its price, practicality, & versatility. Primarily used on your shower walls, tub surrounds, and backsplashes, it was neutral enough to work with almost any style or color scheme. Whether you laid it in a herringbone pattern, stacked it for a modern look, or kept it classic with a half joint, chances are if you built a new house this year, you used this basic subway tile somewhere!

Your Favorite Tile Shape

Out of all the unique shapes available in 2020, hexagonal tiles reigned supreme. Available in an immense variety of sizes, colors, & material options, including porcelain, marble, and even recycled glass, you used this timeless shape to reflect your unique personality & style.

Your Favorite Floor Tiles

The numbers were too close to call, so we’re calling it a tie! On the left is a modern take on classic Italian travertine. Its varied coloration of white, grey, & a touch of beige made it pair perfectly with the year’s most popular cabinet colors, and the organic texture made it feel like home. On the right is a classic Calacatta look, featuring bold veining on a crisp white field. Dramatic & elegant, this low maintenance porcelain mimics the real thing beautifully. It’s easy to see why so many of you loved these floor tiles: They’re stylish but not too trendy, interesting but not too busy, and high quality but not too expensive. What’s not to love?

Your Favorite Tile Size: Because it's large enough to minimize grout lines without overwhelming the space, the 12” by 24” size was your favorite by a landslide!

Your Favorite Large Format Tile

By popular demand, we imported this beauty directly from one of our favorite Italian factories, and having it in stock only made you want it more! You loved it because it’s the perfect modern slate look without the upkeep that real slate requires. A porcelain, it’s extremely durable, low maintenance, & never needs to be sealed, meaning you were able to use it in bathrooms & laundry rooms as well as high traffic areas like porches, patios, & sunrooms.

Your Favorite Backsplash Tiles

This white wall tile was your favorite backsplash tile for the second year running. Perfectly imperfect, it features an undulating surface and indentations along the edges, indicating that it must be handmade—even though it isn't!

Runner Up: The high-variation white glazing of this close runner up complimented almost any paint, cabinet, or countertop color you paired with it, and it added lots of characters & visual interest to your home. We expect you'll be loving this one for a long time!

Your Favorite Pattern Tiles

You ordered a lot fewer pattern tiles this year than in years past. We suspect it was due to the dramatic increase in time spent at home that you tended to prefer the timeless over the trendy. However, when you went for a pattern, you weren't afraid to go bold! These striking black & white patterns vastly outsold their more subtle peers.

Your Favorite Natural Stone Coloration

When you asked for natural stone, most of you wanted a classic white marble that was not too busy, not too grey, and had just a touch of warmth. This lovely Carrara variant fit the bill to a tee!

Honorable Mentions: We would be remiss not to mention Carrara, Dolomite, & Calacatta, three evergreen favorites that you continue to love year after year.

Your Favorite Color Combinations

This year, you made it clear that you’ve moved on from the ultra-strict white & grey color scheme of years past. While white stayed prevalent, almost all of you were looking for ways to add warmth. Warm grey, taupe, & gold were important additions that made everything feel much more comfortable & livable.

Your Favorite Grout Color: Bright White was number one, but it was followed closely by the infamous Silverado. If you know, you know!

Your Favorite Accent Color

Your most requested & most purchased accent color in 2020 was... blue! Blue options were available in every style, shape, texture, & price point, making it easy to incorporate a little or a lot! Some of you used navy as a neutral alongside white & grey, white others paired it with gold hardware for a pop. You loved how peaceful & serene it looks, and you know you won't tire of it quickly.

Farewell, 2020!

If your favorite tiles this year have anything in common, it’s that they were all carefully selected with the future in mind. Whether your style was traditional, transitional, or modern, it was more important to you than ever to select tiles that were timeless. During a year full of uncertainty, most of you stuck to what you know, choosing tried & true styles over trendy options. Even if you didn’t move or build, many of you decided to remodel your current home to create a cleaner, calmer, or more functional space. And we are so happy to have been a part of it!

From the Studio Tile & Design Family: Thank you, sincerely, for keeping us as busy as ever throughout this crazy year. We are grateful to each & every one of our customers, & we look forward to serving you in 2021 & beyond.

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