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We have the blues—& we're loving every minute of it!

Blue tile has been increasingly popular in the past few months, & with good reason: It's beautiful! Whether you're just dipping your toe in with touches of navy or steel blue, keeping it classic with cobalt & phthalo, or taking the plunge with a daring cerulean, blue tile is gorgeous, timeless, & stunning. You can't convince us otherwise!

Navy is still trending upward this year. Whether you're opting for a navy island, navy accents, or a full blown navy shower (as shown in this gorgeous master bathroom), you can't go wrong with navy. It's simultaneously traditional & timeless, making it a fan favorite.

Designer Tip: If resale value is a priority for you, we highly recommend toned-down blues like navy, robins egg, & steel blue. These colors are exciting to many yet inoffensive to most potential buyers.

We love a steel blue moment! This client's decision to match the colors of the the cabinetry & flooring is downright delightful. Keeping the walls and countertops white allows the color to pop as a focal point, while the shiplap texture adds interest & texture that perfectly coordinates with the vintage vibe.

Feeling a bit bold? A blue backsplash is a stunning choice in an otherwise neutral kitchen. Choose a handmade looking tile with intentionally high shade variation, as shown in the image above, to add the perfect amount of pizzazz. High variation also keeps the space from feeling too matchy-matchy when tying in other blue elements, like a blue island or accessories.

We love everything about this striking blue bathroom. High-variation cerulean tile in an unusual tri-weave layout makes for a fabulous focal point in this incredibly fresh, clean, & bright space. Note that the dazzling blues are strictly limited to one accent wall, while everything else in the room plays a supporting role. This is intentional. Repeating that blue everywhere would be overwhelming, but ample white space, as they have, makes the blue an unforgettable feature.

For many of our color-loving clients, it's all about finding that one particular shade that speaks to you—the one that makes you smile every time you see it. It's probably the color you can't stop wearing, decorating with, or if you're like me, painting on your toenails. And while that it color varies widely from person to person, "blue" is easily the most sought-after color for our clients today. Nobody doesn't like blue!

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