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Staff Picks: Ciana's favorite things

Allow us to introduce Ciana! She is the newest interior designer to join the Studio Tile & Design family, & to help you get to know her a bit better, we have asked her to select her five favorite tiles from our showroom. Her choices are a reflection of her affinity for nature, featuring earthy & organic elements that work together to create warm, grounded, & inviting atmospheres.

Like many of you, Ciana is very fond of this high-variation stone mosaic that mirrors the appearance of river rocks. Its natural, unrefined texture speaks to her love for the organic, bringing an earthy authenticity to any space. The smooth, rounded contours create a grounding effect that resonates her design sensibilities.

This matte moss-green rectangular tile, arranged in a modern stacked layout, holds a special place in all of our hearts. Ciana was drawn to its subdued, natural hue, evoking the tranquility of moss-covered stones in a serene woodland. This choice beautifully blends the outdoors with modern design, creating a space that seamlessly marries contemporary aesthetics with nature-inspired elements.

We find her choice of this blonde wood look porcelain tile, laid in a herringbone pattern, truly captivating. The organic texture exudes a warmth and comfort akin to the familiarity of natural wood. This selection embraces the essence of nature, combining earthy tones and tactile qualities.

This unusual mosaic, featuring a botanical motif in grey, sand, & tan, made it onto her list for obvious reasons. Use it in any space where you want to recreate the serene influence of botanical elements. The color palette mirrors the tranquil tones of a sandy beach, creating a soothing ambiance that aligns seamlessly with her love for organic, nature-inspired aesthetics.

She was particularly excited about this cognac-colored, slightly metallic wall tile that effortlessly blends modernity with organic warmth. Its rich, warm hue emulates the earthy tones found in natural landscapes, while the subtle metallic finish adds a touch of contemporary flair. This tile is an elegant fusion of modern sophistication and inviting, organic elements.

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