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Meet the new Rêve d’Orient collection

Perfectly imperfect. Naturally chic. Authentic.

The Rêve d’Orient Collection has been inspired by the beauty of Eastern Asian culture and the spirit of Wabi Sabi. It celebrates the perfectly imperfect artisanal craftsmanship. It is the slight imperfections and irregularities of nature that compose its beauty.

With today’s fast paced performance-based lifestyles, we see a resurgence towards simplicity, peaceful minimalism and even acceptance of imperfection.

There is a desire for natural materials and aesthetics, for something genuine and timeless. This collection celebrates these organic flaws found in nature.

Materials such as stones, metals and glass are implemented with the spirit of Wabi Sabi and its raw approach to design, highlighting natural imperfections.

Authenticity is fundamental. It is not just a state of mind, but a choice to work with only natural materials found in nature.

Rêve d’Orient highlights our love of nature. Liberated from conformity, this collection is genuine and timeless. Beauty is redefined.

View more of this gorgeous collection below:

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