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Charming, if a little Gouache

We are obsessed with this colorful new line of gouache-inspired wall tiles. Not to be confused with gauche, gouache is a method of painting using opaque watercolor pigments. In this wall tile line of the same name, evidence of the gouache technique can be seen in the painterly glazing, perfectly imperfect texture, & incredible color range.

The best part? Despite looking expensive, Gouache is surprisingly affordable!

This charming line has an artisanal appeal. Subtle brush stokes are visible on the surface of the tiles, and the color varies naturally from piece to piece. The surface of each tile has a handmade relief, which catches the light beautifully to accentuate the color, create depth, & emphasize the beauty of the glaze.

Suitable for interior applications in both residential & commercial spaces, Gouache is incredibly versatile. We especially love to see it on shower walls & kitchen backsplashes. Pair it with a large-format concrete look on the floor for a modern spa-like feel, or pair it with hexagonal marble mosaics for a bespoke bohemian vibe.

Whether you‘re drawn to the playful colors or simply want a unique neutral option, with twelve trend-driven colors, two sizes, & two finishes to consider, this Pinterest-worthy line truly has something for everyone!

The Color Range:

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