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Staff Picks: Brian's favorite things

We asked each of our in-house designers to select their top five favorites from the showroom. Brian's picks feature unexpectedly timeless motifs in bold yet neutral hues, making them perfect selections for traditional, contemporary, & eclectic homes alike.

We love absolutely everything about this plaid marble micro-mosaic. It is masculine, sophisticated, & traditional, yet it pairs perfectly with modern elements. In a blend of warm grey, beige, & charcoal hues, it will feel current for a very long time. This is an instant classic!

The unusual shape, rough linear texture, & intermittent pops of white veining make this porcelain mosaic as eye catching as it is versatile. An excellent choice for shower floors due to the slip resistance, this would be a striking accent to a modern bathroom.

When choosing patterned tiles, it is important to consider how quickly you'll grow tired of the pattern & color combination if you aren't someone who fancies replacing tile every few years. Many beautiful patterns are too trendy to have any sort of longevity. However, unlike their flowery, colorful counterparts, geometric patterns in neutral hues, such as the one shown above, will stand the test of time. And we love the application on the inside of a sleek waterfall island, which proves that a little goes a long way when it comes to patterns.

How cool is this metallic porcelain? Part of collection that offers large format & plank tiles as well, it is very easy to create a modern, monochromatic space with this chic scallop mosaic as a subtle focal point. We love to see it in master baths and powder rooms alike.

This classic black & white kitchen takes on a whole new personality thanks to the very bold backsplash tile selection. These 3D tiles create loads of textural interest, and their off-black hue infuses the space with drama. It's modern farmhouse with an edgy, masculine twist!

Want to See More?

Click through the gallery below to see additional photos of Brian's top five in action!

Could you pull off any of these looks in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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