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Fresh Off the Boat! Made in Italy, Stocked with Us

We are proud to announce that these gorgeous Italian porcelain tiles are now in stock at our Greensboro location! Hand selected by our team of in-house interior designers for their striking yet timeless aesthetic, upmost quality, & budget-friendly pricing, these beauties are simply too perfect not to have in stock. You're going to love this!

Les Origines

With rich contrast, sophisticated veining, and a nuanced blend of grey, black, & gold hues, this stunning marble-inspired porcelain tile is, dare we say, better than the real thing! We're stocking her in both polished & matte finishes, making her as versatile as she is pretty.

For spaces where you might prefer a softer marble look, this lovely version has carefully balanced veining & a more subdued color palette. Stocked in both polished & matte finishes, she's easy to incorporate throughout your home.

Rock Salt

This unique series, inspired by naturally occurring blocks of rock salt, has a serene allure that we fell in love with immediately. Sleek & organic with a minimalist elegance, she will imbue your home with a sense of tranquility and understated luxury. This warm white hue looks great with everything.

In stoney grey, this tile beautifully mimics the mesmerizing waves of the ocean as well as the delicate texture of salt crystals. The dynamic pattern adds a touch of movement and visual interest to any space and, depending on the styling, either creates a captivating focal point or a mellow backdrop for bolder elements.

We love how this hue, as warm & as rich as café au lait, effortlessly suits both modern and traditional settings. It pairs beautifully with black elements. The matte finish creates a laid back yet elevated aesthetic that works indoors or out.

Reves de Rex

Wow, right? We were so smitten with this collection that we needed it in not one, not two, but three colorways. Onyx looks have skyrocketed in popularity due to recent advancements in tile production technology which allow for more deliberate coloration & more intricate designs, resulting in a level of depth, beauty, & realism that simply would not have been possible a few years ago. Because it pairs so perfectly with the cabinet colors that are currently in style, we suspect that this oyster hue will be the first to require restocking.

Contemporary, elegant, & positively dreamy, the blue iteration of this tile has us over the moon. Although this collection is currently only stocked in a matte finish, we would love to bring in the polished finish in an upcoming restock, especially in this color. An earth-tone & a neutral in it's own way, this shade of cloudy blue is equal parts daring and soothing. It also pairs beautifully with stained cabinetry and suits both gold & nickel accents.

Last but certainly not least, this opulent yet relaxed mushroom hue is a house favorite for obvious reasons. A chic blend of warm & cool tones, this timeless selection plays well with a wide range of other decorative elements. Although she is the obvious choice for your primary bathroom, we would love to see her on your fireplace, kitchen floor, & sunroom, too.

Which of these is your favorite? Are there any new products you would like to see us stock in the future? Let us know in the comments below!

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