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Staff Picks: Ashley's favorite things

We asked each of our in-house designers to choose their top five favorite tiles from the showroom. Ashley's favorites make a bold statement with modern lines, geometric motifs, & tons of texture.

Inspired by natural stone, this striking porcelain features strong linear veining that pairs perfectly with the geometric motif of the coordinating mosaic. The stacked layout emphasizes the angularity of the material. Run it from floor to ceiling to achieve a high-end look.

This funky chevron mosaic is effortlessly cool, and I love the pop of color. Navy blue has been trending in kitchens for a while, but we love to see it in the bathroom, too! White grout and the insertion of occasional white tiles offset the dark hue beautifully, making the space feel light & fresh.

Previously associated with commercial applications, we are seeing terrazzo in a whole new light thanks to its inclusion in luxurious mosaics like this one. I love this particular pattern because it is colorful yet neutral, bold yet soft. It is a perfect fit for a spa-like master bathroom with a contemporary twist.

Some clients fear that greige, our most frequently requested neutral, can be boring or "too safe." However, it looks very handsome & sophisticated in tone-on-tone applications like this one. I love the warm, rich textures of this porcelain plank, and pairing it with solid, large-format tiles from the same collection ensures that everything is soothing & harmonious.

This intriguing three-dimensional wall tile is, in my opinion, the perfect touch of modern-yet-casual texture for an accent wall. The soft, stony grey hue & suede-like matte finish give it a bit of a bohemian flair. And because these come as individual pieces, we can be creative with the overall pattern that they make. Scales, chevron, & concentric squares (seen here) are all possible, & multiple colors can be intermingled as desired to create a unique, custom look.

Want to see more?

Click through the gallery below to see additional images of Ashley's top five—plus a few honorable mentions!

Which of these is your favorite? Could you see yourself using any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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