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Patterns at play in a luxurious farmhouse

Don't be afraid to have fun when you're designing your home. Life is too short for boring tile! And as you will see, these clients took that advice to heart. They were drawn to patterned tiles from the start & decided to lean into it. The result? A home that is as cheerful as it is beautiful.

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, this home's heart is full of joy. Glinting nickel details juxtapose the more farmhouse elements, like the live-edge wooden dining table and the open shelving. The integration of glamorous and rustic elements keep us engaged as we move through the space.

In the master bathroom, an elegant pattern tiles make a striking focal point. This element is repeated behind the freestanding tub and in the airy master shower. Crystal chandeliers are jewelry amidst a subdued color palette of whites and taupes.

In this happy little guest bathroom, pattern tiles on the floor add drama and visual interest to an otherwise classically styled space. Stacking the subway tiles around the shower and sticking to a simple color palette here keeps the narrow space from feeling too busy.

In the laundry & mudroom, another pattern tile on the floor welcomes guests & family members into the home. At first, it appears purely fun, but it is also a smart choice: The high contrast and dark grout are very forgiving against foot traffic.

Finally, behind the striking vent hood, a powder blue pattern beautifully ornaments the otherwise all white kitchen. We fully support the decision to install this pattern throughout the entire backsplash rather than framing it into a small panel over the range. Installed wall to wall like this, it doesn't distract or compete with the other decorative elements in the space. And the color is simply perfect!

Did any of these patterned tiles make you smile? Let us know in the comments below!

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