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Frequently asked questions

We're addressing our most frequently asked questions below, including showroom policies, order processes, & basic maintenance tips.

Although you are welcome to browse unannounced, we highly recommend making an appointment so that we can make sure one of us is able to assist you. Although second-nature to some, making tile selections can often be daunting. That is why we are here, to guide you in making the right choice for your lifestyle, taste, and budget. Scheduling an appointment ensures that we are prepared and available to assist you from start to finish.

What should I expect for my appointment? Is there anything I should bring?

During your appointment, we will help you navigate our large tile selection and make detailed selections for your project. In addition to selecting tile, we will walk you through choosing the layout, grout colors, and any other design details that may apply. Each customer and each project is different, so the duration of time needed to make selections varies. To streamline the process, we recommend that you bring anything that may be relevant to your project. This typically includes floor plans, and cabinet and/or countertop samples. Although they are not required, having these on hand will save a lot of time and be a big help in honing in on your options.

Can I check out samples from your showrooms?

Certainly! We know it is important to see your tiles in your own space since color is greatly affected by different lights and spaces. We require that you return showroom display boards within 24 hours. If you need a sample to hold onto longer than that, just let us know! We are happy to order a sample just for you.

I have selected my tile. What do I do now?

When you are ready to purchase your tile, give us a call or come by the store and we will walk you through the process. Second to payment, which we require up front unless you have an account, the most important thing you will need to provide is the square footage of the area(s) being tiled. We recommend that the person who will be doing the installation provides these quantities since they should be the most accurate. Note that Studio Tile & Design will neither provide measurements nor estimate tile quantities from a plan, but we are able help you figure the amount of grout and setting materials that are needed from your square footage.

How do I know my order is ready for pick up?

When you place your order, we will let you know the lead time and when we expect to receive your material. Make sure to provide us with the best phone number to reach you. A Studio Tile & Design staff member will call you when your tile order is ready for pickup.

What is your return policy?

Full, unopened cartons of stock material (excluding setting materials) can be returned within 30 days of the purchase date. These items will be indicated on your estimate and on your order confirmation. Non-stock material cannot be returned and is nonrefundable, and we cannot cancel or make changes to an order once it has shipped. Studio Tile & Design is not responsible for the accuracy of quantities ordered. Therefore, it is important to verify that all quantities are correct prior to placing the order. Setting materials (including grout) are always final sale, regardless of stock status, and they cannot be returned or refunded. We also strongly encourage you to inspect all material prior to installation. Installation constitutes acceptance.

Will there be freight charges?

Freight charges apply on all non-stock material orders and will be calculated when the order is placed based on the size, weight, and origin of the material. If expedited shipping is needed, please let us know.

I purchased my tile from Studio Tile & Design in the past. Do you have my selections on file?

When you make selections with us, we now keep a digital copy on our server in case you need to reference it in the future. (For orders dating prior to 2017, your selections are stored in a paper archive.)

Do you offer installation?

We do not offer any kind of installation services. However, we have a ton of experience working with a wide array of local professionals and are always happy to recommend tile installers based on your needs and the nature of your project.

How do I clean my tile? Do I need to buy anything special? Is there anything I can't use?

There are a myriad of dedicated tile & stone cleaners on the market, but we have found that warm water, gentle detergent (you know, the bottle with the baby ducks on it), and a soft-bristled brush are the safest & most effective for everyday cleaning. We strongly urge you to steer clear of bleach & abrasive scrubbers, which will damage grout & natural stone.

How often do I need to reseal my natural stone? Do I have to hire someone to do it?

Natural stone, including marble, travertine, & limestone, must be sealed when it is installed. It should also be resealed annually or as needed to protect it from stains, etching, & other signs of wear. Sealer repels water, so you can tell whether or not your stone is due for resealing by flicking a few drops of water on it. If the water beads up tightly (like raindrops on a freshly waxed car), then you're in good shape. However, if the edges of the water droplets are spread out (or worse, starting to soak into the stone), it is time to reseal. A common misconception is that you need to hire a professional to seal your stone for you; however, we recommend that you do it yourself. It is very easy & only takes about 30 minutes to do.

What types of tile do you offer?

Our showroom offers a wide variety of ceramic, porcelain, glass, & stone products which can be used for flooring, wall covering, outdoor living spaces, pools, & decorative accents. We pull material from over three hundred different vendors to offer a comprehensive range of choices, so we truly have something for everyone.

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