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A classic master bathroom uplift

This elegant master bathroom, designed by local designer Donna Jordan, has had a dramatic transformation over the past year. Looking at it now, it's hard to imagine just how far the space has come. Its classic styling & neutral color palette make it feel very calming & comfortable, but it was once a jungle... literally!

Big thank you to Donna Jordan of Comfort & Class Interiors for sharing these photos with us. To see more of Donna's work, click here!

This bright, clean bathroom barely resembles the dated "before" images. Dark floral wallpaper made the original space feel small & cluttered, a problem that was exacerbated by the lack of storage options available. The space also had very nice architectural details, but we could barely see them through the foliage.

We love a good wallpaper moment, but in this application, it felt very overwhelming. Stripping the wallpaper away & painting the walls a soft, cool grey makes the space feel open & airy. And with the walls free of distracting pattern, details like the tile layouts, crown molding, & beveled mirror emerge as real areas of interest in the space. The once blah cabinets also become a focal point thanks to their rich grey stain, which matches the grout color to tie everything together perfectly.

The tile was completely removed from the front face of the jacuzzi tub, a decision we wholeheartedly support. Going with built-in style panels instead of tile makes the tub feel like it's part of the generously sized shelves that were added to either side. These offer plenty of storage space for towels & toiletries as well as decorative accents.

You may also notice that the small squares on the tub surround were replaced by large format tiles which match the flooring. This looks much more contemporary. It's a smart move, too: Having fewer grout lines there means the hard-to-reach corners are much easier to keep clean.

The original shower had plain white square tiles, which did little to add interest or complement the rest of the bathroom. By replacing them with 4" by 16" Calacatta-look tiles (which also match the floor tile), the shower becomes a destination rather than an afterthought. And because they're all porcelain rather than real Calacatta marble, they'll look brand new for generations—no sealer or special treatment necessary!

As I mentioned before, we love a good wallpaper moment, and the monochromatic damask in the water closet is exactly that. Used sparingly in a small room, it adds just the right amount of personality & flair. Notice how the neutral color tones balance out the intricacy of the pattern. This helps it to compliment the rest of the bathroom without overpowering the other elements.

Equal parts stylish and practical, the end result of this master bathroom remodel is the perfect example of how attention to detail pays off beautifully. The finished look is classic, timeless, & so very relaxing. We know the clients will be enjoying their new bathroom for a long, long time.

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